How to use the search engine.

The interface is designed for the readers of the book "A Reference Grammar of Chinese". Extra examples are provided for each of the examples mentioned in the book for readers. To get the extra examples, the readers have to use Search Keys in the search interface of the website. The Search Key is the combination of the section number, where an example is exactly located, and the example number, separated by a hyphen. The following are some examples.

Suppose the example [20] of Chapter 1 is located in Section 1.3.2., then the Search Key for this example should be: 1.3.2-20. Note that 1.3-20, 1-20 are wrong Search Keys.

If one numbered example, e.g. [90] in Section 10.6.1 of Chapter 10, contains more than one sub example, indexed by .a, .b, .c, etc., The reader can choose to use the sub index or not as a part of the Search Key. In this case, the Search Key 10.6.1-90.b will return only the [90.b] sentence, while 10.6.1-90 will return all the sub example sentences of [90].

Readers can input multiple Search Keys at the same query. These Search Keys should be deliminated by comma, e.g. 1.3.2-20, 10.6.1-90.a, 10.6.1-90.c. Then, all the matched examples will be returned and displayed in the same page.